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Pole Star Secondary Boarding School is a co-educational school that aims to provide the best learning experience to the students for their holistic development. It has a unique programme that caters to students through Pole Star School in exploring the real talent and passion of the students.

Pole Star Secondary Boarding School was established in 2052 BS at Pushpalal Chowk, Biratnagar with a commitment to groom Nepali students to be analytical, independent thinkers aware of both the country's present situation and its potentialities. To make learning more meaningful and relevant, the school works closely with parents and the wider community. It emphasizes cooperative action, community service and critical thinking.

By recognizing individual aptitudes and strengths, Pole Star motivates students to be life-long learners. The school believes that academic excellence should go hand in hand with social and emotional growth. With its rigorous and stimulating curriculum, the school helps develop confident and articulate individuals who are committed to justice and development. Pole Star has always emphasized on three Ds viz. discipline, determination and dedication to achieve the forth D which is development.

Our motto has been to offer the best of the progressive education system and be adapted to fit in the Nepali context. The school follows the Development-Interaction approach. The programme that Pole Star Secondary Boarding School offers has served as a model for other schools in Nepal and around the region who wish to introduce a student-centred education in their own respective schools and offer the same high quality education Pole Star does .It strives to replicate its innovative teaching methods and quality instruction, the Pole Star Method, in schools across Nepal.

The Pole Star Secondary Boarding School collaborates with its stakeholders to run several teacher-training programs, including the one-year Primary Teacher Training Program (PTTP), the 10-month Skill Development Training for Primary Teachers and the three-month Child-Centred Learning Level One Training. Pole Star teachers are uniquely placed to benefit from these programmes by being trainees and well as trainers and advisors.


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