Extra Curricular Activities

'A healthy mind in a healthy body' is an old adage. To develop a healthy mind in a healthy body, outdoor and indoor games are provided. Various co-curricular and extracurricular activities are conducted to allow the students to explore their talents and for their overall development. A separate ECA department, headed by an ECA In-charge with a team of instructors, looks after these activities. In addition, pursuits like creative writing, poetry recitations and writing of articles for the school magazine are encouraged. Public speaking in the form of debates and extempore speeches is also held regularly. Other activities such as Gymnastics, Judo, Tae-kwan-do, Wushu, music, dance, fabric painting, fine art, etc. enable students to discover their talents. Professional instructors of high stature are employed in each discipline to guide and train the students.

Modern play equipment such as building blocks, rocking chair, swing bars, see-saws, fiberglass constructed slides, rabbit warrens and sand boxes are provided for junior children whereas other equipment such as skipping ropes, quoit rings, badminton, table tennis or board games such as scrabble, Chinese checkers, chess, caroms are provided for bigger children. During summer, swimming is another sport which can be availed of. Games and other sports are part of the facility, and all students are encouraged to take part as per their preference and ability.


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